The company history

The MACA-LOCA public corporation was founded in Küssnacht am Rigi (Switzerland) on September 15th, 2008. The idea was to develop and produce a natural, organic certified life-style product based on the unique Peruvian Macatuber (Lepidium meyenii Syn.: Lepidium peruviana) which is characterized by its stimulating and toning properties. For this purpose we founded PEMASAC (Peruvian Maca SAC) in Lima / Peru. Managing director and guarantor of the plantations and the optimal quality of our organic certified MACAtubers, which are grown on high-altitude Andean plateaus of up to 5,000 m.a.s.l. and cultivated by specialized farmer cooperatives, is engineer Enrique Sanchez Romero. This way MACA-LOCA works independently and is not subject to price fluctuations in the very important scenario of MACA procurement.

In order to market the, at that time largely unknown MACA as food, we needed the approval of the BAG (Swiss Federal Health Office) which was achieved after a laborious and tedious authorization process. Early on we decided to have our product organic and Halal certified to guarantee the traceability and sustainability of our MACA-LOCA products.

After an extensive and thorough research and testing period, the basic formula of the first MACA-LOCA was published in 2009. It was named MACA-LOCA and was the world's first functional drink based on the MACAtuber. That same year we submitted product samples on the occasion of the international “Beverage Innovation Awards“ held in Munich and for which we received a very positive feedback from the experts: MACA-LOCA was nominated finalist in the “Best New Functional Drink” category!
Motivated by this success, the company launched its official marketing the same year. We quickly recognized that the product was often compared with energy drinks such as Red Bull. However, MACA-LOCA always had the vision to be the unique “Organic and functional lifestyle” drink based purely on natural products without any artificial additives or preservatives.

This effort turned out to be very challenging.

MACA-LOCA AG continued to work hard on marketing. With the renowned company SANAT INTERNATIONAL, a distribution channel was found, which included our MACANDINA products (now MACA-LOCA “BASIC”) like MACA powder, compacts and capsules in their assortment. This cooperation proved to be very successful.

MACA-LOCA AG was now able to fully focus on the complex development of its new beverage line. After many trials, also paired with failures, in 2015 we finally partnered with the internationally active company FRUTAROM which produce our soothing MACA-LOCA “Lemon” and our palatable MACA-LOCA “Break”. <

The unique Bio drive functional life style beverages MACA-LOCA are born!
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